“When your mind dares dream it, and your heart is guided to truly believe it, when you take inspired action, then the combining energy will achieve results.”

When your MIND dares dream it.  Before anything can be created, the idea of such a creation needs to be formed.  Before we can become more relaxed, the thought of being relaxed needs to be developed.  The thought that we even need to relax needs to be developed, before we can take steps to relax. 

So, if we develop the idea, thought, that we need to relax we can then dare to dream of relaxation.  Our mind dares to dream of relaxation. We start to dream about ways we can relax; take a vacation, have a hot bath, watch TV, meditation, mindfulness contemplation.

And, your HEART is guided to truly believe it.  After dreaming about relaxation by meditating a small light appears within your heart called hope.  We do more thinking on the subject, our dream is to relax more.  We start to get excited about taking a relaxing hot bath.  When the thought comes up that we don’t have time for a hot bath, our heart energy works against that idea.  We really want a hot bath to relax!

When, you take inspired ACTION.  Inspired action usually makes no sense to others.  Inspired action usually involves small steps with very little action.  Inspired action comes from our intuition.  Once we dream of relaxing by taking a hot bath, and we truly believe we need to relax in a bath despite our friends, co-workers, or family thinking you don’t have time for a bath.  You take inspired action.  You go home.  Run a hot bath.  And, make time for yourself. 

You took your hot bath and relaxed.  Your desire was to relax.  By daring to dream about relaxing.  Then believing you can relax.  You go home and have a hot bath.  Resulting in you becoming more relaxed.

If when you had the dream to relax you started listing all the reasons you could not relax.  Too many things to do.  No time.  Then without the dream you would never have relaxed.

If you did not believe you would relax you would start to believe more and more the list of reasons you can not relax.  Even though you dream of relaxation, yet do not believe you can relax, then you will not become relaxed.

If you dream of relaxation and believe you can become relaxed while taking a bath, yet do nothing about it; then you will not be relaxed.  Instead you will most likely become more stressed.  If you listen to others that tell you, “you can dream and believe but must not actually take the time for a bath”, then you will most likely become more stressed and you will not be relaxed. 

The only why you can truly become more relaxed is by bringing your mind and heart into alinement while acting.

This is just an example.  Instead of relaxing the dream could be - to be more productive, start a new relationship, fix a relationship, improvement, quit smoking, quit drinking, quit any bad habit, seek help with an issue, or any other dream you can come up with.

The important thing to realize is that to be successful in achieving your desired outcome you need to think about a result, dream about the result, and take action.  The order is not as important as having all three areas engaged.

Here at Life Guide we give you the tools and show you how to use them.  This way Life Guide helps you reach your desired result.

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